Sports Traider Charity has been very successful in including ex-offenders, engaging them in both the retail and community projects, where, together with contributing their volunteering hours, they can discuss and talk about prison life, social disadvantage, alcohol and drug misuse and abuse. The peer support that they get is proving, in many cases, to be very beneficial to their rehabilitation process.

Our Roots & Lance Haddith

The idea for the charity came from founder Lance Haggith, who after many years of playing, coaching and generally being involved in basketball, saw the potential benefits to disadvantaged children those with disabilities, and young offenders. After facilitating some research, he discovered that the access to sport for many young persons was out of reach due to their disability, disadvantage and/or social background, etc. The research concluded that there was a tangible benefit in enabling people to access sports, with a dual purpose, firstly to allow them to become active and secondly to help improve their self-confidence, self-esteem and social skills, which cannot always be achieved in a classroom environment and which will help them gain vocational skills transferable to a workplace environment.

A Local Approach

Sports Traider Charity has retail outlets located in areas in, or close by to, neighbourhoods that, according to the Government Office for National Statistics, are high on the list of those suffering from high levels of deprivation as compared to others in England. This is a deliberate strategy in accordance with charitable objects ‘…to provide or assist in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare’, to target service delivery at those most in need of support.’