Sports Traider Charity acquires redundant sportswear and equipment, which can be given to disadvantaged children and young persons, free of charge, to help them participate in their chosen sport, again helping to remove any barriers.

Recycle & Reuse

The charity recycles sports clothes and equipment, collecting from schools, sporting facilities and sports companies whether the product is second hand or new. Counterfeit goods are also received via Trading Standards departments and “rebranded” to ensure that the product is legal; encouraging sports companies to recycle old stock by donating it to the cause therefore significantly reducing the pressure on landfill.

Discount Stores

The concept of a discount sports store, set-out and run like a mainstream store, proved popular and Sports Traider Charity now operates stores in Loughborough, Dunstable,Stoke on Trent and Evesham.

Community Benefits

As well as benefiting the sporting community Sports Traider Charity supports the whole community by offering work experience to the disabled, young people, the long-term unemployed, disadvantaged groups, and ex-offenders in the stores. So far over 3,000 days of work experience have been provided.

Our Volunteers

Sports Traider Charity shops are staffed by volunteers, many of whom are young adults with learning difficulties. Their engagement with volunteering gives people a reason to get out of bed, work in a team, building confidence and self-esteem. Their services, and the experience of shop work they gain, are recognised through a reference which may lead to paid employment, in some cases within the charity.

The skills they learn include organising the shop, dealing with new stock and donations, answering the phone, dealing with the general public, team working, and handling money. Other outcomes gained include increased confidence and self-esteem, improved health and wellbeing, reduced isolation and loneliness.