Sports Traider Charity exists to give young people employment and sports participation opportunities. In doing so they gain confidence, self-esteem, retail skills and improve mental and physical health.

Our Approach

We do this by managing a professionally run chain of charity sports shops staffed by employees and volunteers. The charity using the funds to invest in sports participation projects as below:

  • provide free transport to and from venues, either by way of a mini bus or individuals travelling in cars;
  • provide recycled push bikes to make local venues accessible;
  • provide sportswear to ensure that activities are available to all, which may include boots, trainers, jogging bottoms and tops, and more.
  • use proceeds generated from its retail units to fund coaching, access to facilities such as sports clubs and gyms, and fund the transport required to get talented but disadvantaged athletes to training.
  • provide tents and equipment for unprivileged children to have a holiday.
  • provide specialised wheelchairs to enable disabled people to participate in wheelchair sports.
  • help regenerate local shopping areas by utilising otherwise empty retail units.